Over the years, a piano will accumulate a lot of dust and grime in its hard to reach areas. Cleaning these areas requires removing the keys and handling delicate parts of the instrument, so it’s a task best left up to a technician.

Things can fall between the keys creating buzzes or sticking keys, and the dust can trigger allergies in some people. The buildup can cause certain parts to corrode more quickly thus decreasing the life and quality of your piano. We offer a full and safe cleaning service, so schedule one along with your tuning today!

This piano hasn’t been cleaned in 30 years. Here’s the cleaning process


1984 Wurlitzer


Opened up


The keys are removed…


The Key Bed is vacuumed


Knee panel is removed and pedal area is vacuumed.

Cleaning before n after pedals smaller

Before and after

pedal closeup before n after

Before and after

cleaning before and after key bed smaller

Before and after


The keys are replaced…


All clean!

*Note: A grand piano can also be deep-cleaned but the procedure is somewhat different. A cloth is pushed under the strings to pick up dust and the action is removed to allow vacuuming of the action cavity.